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Infographic by CareOnGo on World Hypertension Day

Indiandoctor4u// New Delhi Bureau//CareOnGo has released an insightful infographic on Hypertension on World Hypertension Day which includes the type, symptoms, treatment and effects of the disease.

CareOnGo not only caters to the users by providing medicines but it also brings transparency in the healthcare sector as it has a partner CareOnGo app for pharmacies that help them source authentic medicines from retailers to ensure there is no flow of counterfeit medicines in the market.
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They have raised $300,000 dollars in seed funding and an undisclosed amount in their Pre Series A funding recently by a consortium of  investors iled by Farooq Oomerbhoy of FAO Ventures and a consortium of  investors.The round also saw participation from US, Singapore and Muscat-based investors.
CareOnGo has tie-up with a cohesive network of 700 + pharmacies, is currently operational in Delhi, Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. 
With an intelligent combination of data analytics , the platform is enabling these pharmacies to cut down their logistic costs, calculate their margins on the spot, and stock up for specific orders for infections that require temperature control.

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