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Nat Geo brings an exclusive on India’s ancient sport

Indiandoctor4u//New Delhi Bureau//  Ancient sport kabaddi is a healthy competition. National Geographic Channel, standing true to its promise of bringing relevant, spectacular and appealing content to the audience, is all set to broadcast yet another path-breaking and inspiring Indian production, Kabaddi- Khel India Ka. The one hour special will examine the ancient sport’s historical and cultural significance, as well as highlight the journey of the sport from local playgrounds to international arenas.


This ‘Nat Geo Exclusive’ will analyze how India’s ancient sport has been transformed into a dynamic contemporary sport. It will explain the science that goes behind preparing the athletes to endure this high demanding sport. The exclusive documentary will also go behind the scenes to decode the technology and innovations that have helped the sport to not only become more attractive, but also capture the nation’s imagination.


Similar to the highly successful ‘Nat Geo Exclusive’ that premiered on the channel earlier this year (BSF: India’s First Line of Defense & Chennai MegaFloods), this one hour special scores very high on emotional appeal. The exclusive documentary will also present the inspiring journey of the sportsmen – showcasing their undying passion even in the face of difficult challenges, as well as their eventual success.


Kabaddi- Khel India Ka will also feature Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Charu Sharma and other celebrities who have been associated with the sport, and have helped in adding to the glamour quotient.


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